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This covers a wide range of designs. I mainly do the following:

* Logos
* Flyers
* Banners
* Shirts
* Postcards
* Presentation slides
* Video banners


I design on the WordPress platform due to the fact that most clients are familiar with it and its open source library of plugins and tools. You will receive quality work such as:

* Social Media integration
* Galleries and Slideshows
* Video and Pictures
* Domain name
* Interactive content
* Messaging and forms
* Hosting packages


I use 3D in a lot of ways, here are a few:

* Flyer design to add depth
* Animation
* Concept and patent design
* Set Design
* Game and Character Design
* Logo Design
* Architectural Design
* Mechanical Design


Shooting, editing and composing.

* Special Events
* Video editing and composing
* Photo editing
* Photo Restoration



Consultation & Deposit

Go over your project details and deposit 50%.


Drafts 1

1st round of drafts.


Drafts 2

2nd round of drafts or fine tuning.


Drafts 3 & Fine Tuning

3rd round of drafts or fine tuning.


Delivery & Balance

Delivery of original files and 50% project balance.

There are always 3 drafts done before any additional fees are added.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit my site. This site is as a place to showcase my portfolio for a professional publication. I believe in collaborating with our clients to create whatever they seek. I offer a variety of  services depending on my clients’ needs.

Frequently asked questions

There is a mandatory 50% down and the balance upon completion. This protects me from doing the work and not be compensated and this protects you the client through PayPal’s easy proof of purchase and refund process.

YES. There are a few clients that require me to be dedicated to their needs for a specific time period. A typical contract lasts a year.

Customer Review


"LAFI Digital Print is excellent. I am a small business owner and I needed someone to help me take my ideas and promote them on social media and that is exactly what LAFI has helped me do. I have gained tons of followers and the flyers promote my events well. Thank you LAFI”


I am really pleased with the professional service I get with LAFI Digital Design! Every time I need banners, logos, advice on designs etc; I always get great feedback, service and the best digital designs on the internet. Thanks so much for your superior service!


Excellent work every time! I love working with this this company. His creativity mixed with my indecisiveness comes out amazing every time.

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